Comparisons of diets

There always seems to be a new diet for people to follow.

These diets often have rules regarding what you should and should not eat, as well as when is the best time to eat. Usually endorsed by a number of celebrities or an online doctor, these diets promise weight loss and often a newfound lease on life. But do these diets actually work? Are they healthy? And are they realistic and sustainable for mere mortals like you and I who do not make A-lister salaries? Well, let’s have a look at these trendy diets and investigate the evidence behind them (or lack thereof).

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Summary of Diets

Most of the diets outlined are just different ways of limiting calories. While there is some evidence of short-term benefits, in most cases, a lot of trendy or fad diets have no sound science to back them up.

Diets that promote rapid weight loss should raise a red flag. Healthy sustainable weight loss is definitely a case of ‘slow and steady wins the race’. If you do want to lose weight, or just get healthier take a look at what you are eating and focus on having a well balanced diet making good healthy food choices as much as you can..

The best diet is one you can stick to. If you ever want to start any diet, it is best to discuss with either a Dietitian or a Nutritionist, and your Doctor to see if the diet is safe for you to follow.

Last modified: June 20, 2022