About Us

The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation is a professional, non-profit organisation that works in partnership with other charities, businesses and government departments to help Kiwis eat well no matter what their circumstances. We do this by; running JUST COOK a programme that builds food and nutrition knowledge in youth, older people, prisoners and vulnerable families; supporting our corporate members to provide good evidence-based information; and easily understood evidence-based information available through our websites and social media channels.

The Foundation’s membership is broad and includes those working in health, nutrition, education and the food industry. This gives us the opportunity to coordinate and support work between professional groups, food producers, marketers and government agencies.

The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation’s Board comes from the fields of nutrition, education, the wider scientific community, business and the food industry. The Foundation is funded by membership subscriptions, sponsorship, grants, donations and contracted work.

Our Mission Statement

To create confidence, skills and knowledge with food for healthier communities in Aotearoa. Collaboration and partnership are at the heart of everything we do.

How we act on our mission statement
  1. We deliver life-changing programmes to communities
  2. We offer trustworthy, independent food knowledge to all New Zealanders and their whānau
  3. We create valuable tools and resources that build confidence and knowledge

Last modified: May 31, 2022