Immune Boosting Diet

Who doesn’t need their immune system to be boosted when there is a global pandemic occurring?

An immune boosting diet singles out foods you should consume for their high vitamin and mineral content. Common foods suggested to boost the immune system include; citrus fruits for their vitamin C, sunflower seeds and almonds for vitamin E, kumara and carrots for beta-carotene, brazil nuts and sardines for selenium, turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties, and green vegetables for their antioxidants. Now, this all seems like great advice, but should we start following this diet?


  • Diet promotes the consumption of fruit and vegetables


  • Lack of evidence showing consuming these foods will enhance your immune system.
  • Only considers one aspect of your lifestyle that will impact your immune system.
  • Diet suggests that consuming these food will instantly provide results.

While there is a lack of evidence that the diet will actually enhance your immune system, the positive aspect is that the diet is high in fruit, vegetables, and plant-based protein sources, which are recommended by the Ministry of Health. It is important to remember that while the consumption of vitamin rich foods is a good thing it will only improve your immune system if you currently have a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

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Last modified: June 21, 2022