Our Corporate Members

  • United Fresh New Zealand Incorporated / The 5 + A Day Charitable Trust is New Zealand’s only pan-produce industry organization, with representation from all sectors of the fresh produce value chain, including growers, retailers and wholesalers. United Fresh is responsible for the very successful 5+ A Day programme. The objective of the 5+ A Day Charitable Trust is to encourage all New Zealanders to eat and enjoy eating five or more servings of fruit and vegetables every day for better health, taste and variety.


  • SunRice is one of the largest rice food companies in the world and one of Australia’s leading branded food exporters. SunRice supplies close to 60 countries with diverse, innovative and nutritious rice food products, and through their successful food ingredients and food service divisions, contribute to thousands of other brands and businesses the world over. SunRice is a major player in the domestic market as well, supplying a staple food for households around Australia.


  • Eggs Inc is responsible for the generic promotion of eggs within New Zealand. Eggs contain over 11 vitamins and minerals and are an economic and versatile food that appeals to all ages and tastes. For information about eggs and inspirational recipe ideas visit and follow their Facebook page @ EggsNZ.


  • Beef and Lamb New Zealand is responsible for the generic promotion of beef and lamb. Their qualified nutritionists work closely with health professionals, consumers, scientists, the Government, industry personnel and the media promoting the importance of red meat in a healthy, balanced diet. Striving for excellence in all communications, their nutrition information is always based on robust science. Also visit


  • Poultry Industry Association is the trade association representing poultry processors in New Zealand. Poultry includes chicken, turkey, duck, pheasant and quail birds. It is a voluntary organisation but represents over 99% of poultry processors in New Zealand. Its primary role is to represent the interests of the poultry processing industry with the government, media and consumers.


  • Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing New Zealand promotes a healthy lifestyle, provides healthy recipes, and develops nutritious products. Sanitarium’s range of healthy breakfast options not only includes Weet-Bix, New Zealand’s favourite cereal, but also offers something for everyone in the family.


  • Heinz-Watties  Since 1934 Wattie’s has been making quality food products enjoyed by generations of New Zealanders. In the pantry or the freezer, there’s a Wattie’s product for every New Zealander, on every occasion. Sauces, soups, frozen and canned fruit and vegetables, baked beans, spaghetti, cooking sauces, burgers, infant and toddler foods, and simple, tasty meal solutions for every member of the family. also visit


  • Sealord is a proud New Zealand company with fishing operations in New Zealand and Australia. Established in 1961, Sealord has more than 50 years of fishing experience, farming, processing and marketing operations which consistently deliver quality seafood to their customers around the world.


  • Tegel Foods is New Zealand’s market-leading, fully integrated poultry producer. The company is involved in the breeding, hatching, processing, marketing and distribution of poultry products across both the North and South Islands. Tegel offers a broad range of poultry products from fresh and frozen whole birds and portions to value-added main meal items. It supplies poultry products to supermarkets and other retail outlets in addition to servicing the needs of foodservice customers. Tegel also produces a diverse range of sausages and processed meats.


  • Countdown is New Zealand’s largest supermarket brand with 185 supermarkets nationwide serving 2.7 million customers every week. Countdown is also one of New Zealand’s largest employers with an 18,000-strong team. The company is committed to making Kiwis’ lives a little better every day by providing customers with choice, convenience and low prices every day. They have brought Free Fruit for Kids to all their stores and are rolling out Health Star Rating on all their private label products.


  • Foodcom are a specialist consultancy channelling their love for food and wellbeing to better connect businesses or organisations to consumers. Supporting local start-ups and global brands, Foodcom integrates sound nutrition with clear communication into food and beverage business and health organisations. Foodcom understands consumers, marketing, regulations, media and nutrition science and links it all together.


  • Fonterra Brands is a global leader in dairy nutrition – the preferred supplier of dairy ingredients to many of the world’s leading food companies. Fonterra is also a market leader with their own consumer dairy brands in Australia/New Zealand, Asia/Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. The farmer-owned New Zealand co-operative is one of the world’s largest investors in dairy based research and innovation.


  • George Weston Foods has been a part of New Zealand for more than 50 years. They make many of New Zealand and Australia’s favourite and most trusted brands. These include household names such as; Tip Top, Ploughmans, Burgen, Bazaar, Golden Crumpets and Big Ben. George Weston Foods acknowledge the importance of good nutrition, and as such, it is their aim to be a provider and promoter of nutritious food. They also make an effort to participate in encouraging New Zealanders to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


  • Nestlé New Zealand has been part of New Zealand society for over 120 years and today employs over 600 staff. Nestlé has grown into the world’s leading food and beverage producer with such favourite brands as MAGGI, NESCAFÉ, MILO, UNCLE TOBYS and KIT KAT. Nestlé is also one of the largest investors in food technology, research and development.


  • Antares Restaurant Group Limited is the master franchisee of Burger King in New Zealand. It owns and operates 69 Burger King restaurants nationwide and is a joint venture partner in the ownership of Kiwi Pacific Foods Ltd, a processing plant manufacturing beef patties. The group is owned by Anchorage New Zealand Ltd.


  • Coca-Cola has been serving Kiwis for over 81 years nationwide. Today, Coca-Cola New Zealand has grown to more than 120 products across coffee, juice, mixers, soft drinks, sports drinks, tea and water. They been working to reduce sugar in their recipes while keeping the great taste people know and love, offering more no and low sugar options and smaller packaging sizes and ensuring we are transparent with the information we provide to people about the products. Coca-Cola New Zealand is working hard every day across the country to deliver on the company’s purpose: To Refresh The World and Make a Difference. 


  • McDonalds New Zealand’s first McDonald’s restaurant opened in Porirua in 1976. Today there are 150 McDonald’s restaurants across New Zealand, 80 per cent of which are franchised and run by local businessmen and women. The organisation employs more than 9000 people in restaurants nationwide. In 2009, McDonald’s spent $145 million with New Zealand suppliers, buying produce and products for its restaurants.

Last modified: April 13, 2023