Blood Type Diet

It is becoming common knowledge that everyones body is unique and a one size fits all approach to health is no longer seen as ideal. With this in mind, will a diet that is based on your blood type be more effective at creating a healthy diet for you?

The Blood Type diet recommends what foods you should eat and avoid based on your blood type. This diet claims that if you follow a diet designed for your blood type you will be able to prevent disease, lose weight, and have more energy.

Below are the different blood types and their corresponding diet:

  • Type A: Meat free diet full of fruit, vegetables, beans, legumes, and whole grains.
  • Type B: A diet high in green vegetables, eggs, and low-fat dairy while avoiding corn, wheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, sesame seeds, and sometimes chicken.
  • Type O: A high protein diet sourced from lean meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables whilst avoiding grains, beans, and dairy products.
  • Type AB: A diet high in tofu, seafood, dairy, and green vegetables whilst avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and smoked meats.


  • Generally, the diets include food groups recommended by the Ministry of Health.


  • First and foremost, no evidence currently exists to validate the proposed health benefits of the diets.
  • Promotes restrictive eating with all diets recommending you avoid certain food groups.
  • Not practical if you live with or make food for multiple people with different blood types.


There is no evidence that excluding certain foods or food groups based on blood type is effective. Rather focus on building a diet that includes all food groups.

Last modified: February 2, 2022