Tika Tunu and JUST COOK Healthy Ageing project update

2019 has continued to see the NZNF project work consolidate and expand in new communities.

Tika Tunu Corrections

This year three, eight-week Tika Tunu programmes focusing on nutrition, cooking skill development, food safety and budgeting have been delivered at Auckland Men’s Prison, Paremoremo with two more programmes to be delivered before June 2020.

Included in the programme is Unit Standard 167 – Practise food safety methods in a food business under supervision providing a potential employment pathway for participants.

The participants continue to love and benefit from the programme.

When asked what they enjoyed about the programme the following was reported.

“Learning how to use more vegetables in cooking for healthier eating, getting the weekly recipe books (Healthy Food Guide) which provide cheaper/ nutritional meals. Using different condiments, budgeting for cheaper food and cooking using hygienic methods”

“Prior to doing this programme I had zero experience in the kitchen. What the programme has done for me is build my confidence to a point that I know feel comfortable in the kitchen and around food preparation”

“The health centered approach, the healthy food, the socialness of interaction around food, the conversation, learning how easy healthy and tasty cooking can be, particularly when we cooperate as a team”

“I tried many times to lose weight, but I didn’t really understand my dietician. But now that I did your programme, I now know. For the first time in my whole life I’m keen to do training and feel light and active.”

When asked Have you made any changes to your diet or levels of physical activity since starting the programme? Are you feeling better within yourself? The following was reported.

“Using less sugar, lemon juice squeezed in water (instead of sweetened drinks). Making sure I eat my vegetables”

“Small changes, eating more vege’s now. Cut down on bread and also aware of the fat content of junk food”

“Cut down on sugar drinks and adding sugar to my breakfast meals and hot drinks. Have cut down on my size of meals. Eating more fruit”

“Drinking more water, eating more vege’s. Stretching the joints at the start of the day”

When asked are you feeling better within yourself? The following was reported.

“Improved sleep. My joints and muscles feel better. Improved energy levels”

“For the first time in my whole life I am keen to do training and feel light and active”

“Loss of weight, more energy”.

Tika Tunu community

In February, March 2019 an 8 week Tika Tunu community programme was delivered in partnership with Te Waipuna Puawai , Glen Innes. Participants targeted were primarily of Pacific ethnicity. Like tane from the Corrections programme the wahine reported that food safety, cooking cheaper healthier meal options were areas of key learnings.

All participants from Corrections and community were successful in achieving Unit Standard 167.

Funding money has been received to extend the Tika Tunu community programme to Pacific communities and vulnerable communities in 2020. The focus of these programmes will be to develop cooking skills using affordable healthy ingredients.

JUST COOK Healthy Ageing

JUST COOK Healthy Ageing a 4-week programme focusing on building cooking skills, motivation and confidence to cook and increasing nutrition knowledge in older people living in the community has continued in Auckland. Programmes have been delivered in Orewa, North Shore and in West Auckland. Evaluation shows participants benefit from social interaction, improved nutrition knowledge and confidence/ motivation to cook.

JUSTCOOK Healthy Ageing is increasing its reach in the regions. We are proud to be able to tell you that 4 programmes have been delivered in Rotorua, 3 in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, with a pilot programme being trialled in Dunedin and Katikati.

Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) funding for 2019- 2020 has been secured for programmes in Orewa, Nelson and Rotorua. A Mataatua COGS grant has also been received to modify the programme for Maori.

This work is being carried out by a passionate committed team of wahine living in the rural part of Eastern Bay of Plenty (see photo above). This modified programme will be piloted in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

We are grateful to our facilitators who deliver our programmes with professionalism and a sense of fun. We are also appreciative to our programme partners who support the programmes with resourcing, financial assistance, and promotion.

Last modified: January 27, 2022