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Chief Executive: Jane Bollard, Bsc (Nutrition), Dip Bust St (Health Management), Dip Bus (Finance) 
Jane joined the organisation in May 2022 and looks forward to working with the Board and team to lead the organisation into the future. Jane has operated as a consultant for over 15 years in the charity sector. She brings extensive experience in chief executive, general management and board roles across a range of health and community organisations. Jane’s passion is for developing sustainable organisations who are best able to meet their purpose.

Nutritionist: Anna MrkusicDip HSc, Dip Teaching, PGD Education, PGD Science (Community Nutrition), Master of Philosophy
Anna is a food and nutrition teacher with over 30 years’ experience. Her work has involved helping pupils develop skills and knowledge to effectively manage and maintain lifelong diet quality. There has been an emphasis on nutrition and health-related issues that influence individuals, families and communities, as well as what actions can be taken to improve their well-being. It was during her Masters Research project in 2011 that Anna decided she would like to work in health promotion and nutritional education at a national level. Anna was appointed to the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation Council in October 2013 and in 2015 Anna has taken up a project manager’s role with the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation.

Nutritionist: Andrea Ler, BCom/BSc, GradDipCom, GradDipSc
Andrea graduated from Massey University in 2013, majoring in Human Nutrition. Andrea joined the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation team in 2014 as a Research Assistant with the Just Cook programme ‘My Food My Future’. She worked closely with the Liggins Institute and The National Institute for Health Innovation to develop a fun, interactive teaching tool which encourages youth to learn about food and cooking family meals. In 2015, Andrea has taken up the role of Nutritionist with the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation.

Grants Advisor: Jeanette Franklyn​, DipPharm
Jeanette has over 15 years experience working in the Grants space after leaving community pharmacy to start her family.  She joins the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation to grow the Foundation’s financial diversity and stability.

Last modified: April 15, 2024