Webinar: Aotearoa New Zealand’s food system from a land and soil science perspective

AUT Food Network and the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation held the following webinar on 17th November 2020 as part of a series “Feeding New Zealanders Better”:

Aotearoa New Zealand’s food system from a land and soil science perspective by Dr Fiona Curran-Cournane
Looking at interconnections and independencies with the wider environment, health, housing, socio-economics and intergenerational equity

YouTube link to webinar recording

Presentation slides

About Dr Fiona Curran-Cournane: With over 10 years’ experience in the field of environmental science, research interests include evaluating the impacts of urban and rural residential fragmentation onto highly productive land as well as understanding how land use change affects rural and farming communities. Incorporating science into policy formulation is also of interest to help contribute towards achieving sustainable environmental outcomes. Experience has been gained via expert witnessing for hearings related to resource consents, unitary plans and the Environment Court. Environmental monitoring, evaluation and research experience has been achieved through the management and involvement of both state of environment land and soil programmes and other regional and national work-streams.
Fiona is currently employed as a Principal Scientist at the Ministry for the Environment, a position held since January 2020. Prior to this she was employed as a land and soil scientist in the Research and Evaluation Unit at Auckland Council since 2011. Since 2015, she has also held an Honorary Academic position for the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Auckland. Her PhD in Environmental Science (2007-2010) was awarded in 2011 which was conducted at AgResearch via Lincoln University.

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