At our AGM on the 15th August, we bid farewell to our Chair, Tania Watson and Scientific Director, Elaine Rush.

Tania Watson 
Tania served on the NZ Nutrition Foundation Board since 2013. As Chair, Tania has helped three different CEOs navigate the organisation, supported the Foundation through Covid and has been hugely instrumental in shaping and supporting the rest of the board. Thank you Tania for your tenacity, business acumen and willingness to share a smile in the face of challenges and your great contribution to the board.

Elaine Rush 
Elaine joined the NZ Nutrition Foundation Board at the end of July 2006. As the Foundation’s Science Director she has assisted members with their projects, represented the Foundation on advisory committees, written submissions, kept the Foundation up to date with the latest nutrition science, coordinated student projects and also fronted the media on numerous occasions. Elaine particularly advocates for equity over equality and for the more vulnerable communities in our country. Thank you, Elaine for your dedication to the cause of improving the health of New Zealanders through improved nutrition, exercise and education – perfectly aligning with the objectives of the Foundation.

Last modified: September 12, 2023