Autumn Nutrition

As the days gradually cool down, we see the leaves turn from green to their Autumnal shades of red, yellow and orange. This change reminds us of the importance of including colourful foods in our meals every day. Antioxidants are found in a range of foods, particularly brightly-coloured fruits and vegetables, which can help prevent a range of diseases. The table below lists some of the Autumn fruit and vegetable available. Savings can be made when food shopping by buying fruit and vegetables that are in season.

Eating well can help enhance your immune system, ready to fight off any winter ills. Try including the following foods into your autumn eating to cover these important nutrients:  

  • zinc (lean red meat, seafood (oysters), milk, grains, lentils, nuts),
  • vitamin E (nuts, seeds, vegetable oils),
  • vitamin D (spending time in the autumn sunshine),
  • iron (meat, legumes, fortified breakfast cereals) and
  • vitamin C (fruits and vegetables).

Make the most of the cooler days to be more active – walking, cycling, playing sport. The sun’s rays will be weaker, meaning you can spend more time in the direct sun without the risk of sunburn, which will be good for your vitamin D levels.

Some examples of fruit and vegetables available in Autumn


Last modified: June 20, 2022