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New Zealand Nutrition Foundation Website

During lock down our attention turned to the NZ Nutrition Foundation website as our main communication tool.

With time on our hands and alternative options closed, New Zealand households turned to cooking meals and baking in their own kitchens. To support this, we loaded our Just Cook Recipe Book to the website. The recipes from our JUST COOK Healthy Ageing and Tika Tuna programmes are developed with a combination of in season and staple ingredients while keeping good nutrition in mind. Most of the dishes serve 1 or 2 people. Online the recipe book was broken down into different sections like breakfast, healthy bites and fish, chicken or vegetarian main meals. To support the recipe book, we also collated a food staples list for your pantry to assist with grocery shopping and which includes information on healthy ingredient swaps and ideas on how to stretch the food budget further. And for anyone who has ever been confused by cooking measurements or terms, easy to access guides are also available online.

As our website searches increased over the lock down period, we saw the trends in people searching for information on ways to eat healthy and stay healthy. This led to the development of our Taking care of our Immunity page which outlined the different factors – food, supplements, exercise, alcohol and sleep – have on our immune systems as we considered if diet and lifestyle can really boost our immunity? In support of this page we also offer information on nutrients, food groups and vitamins & minerals.

As we search websites for information on latest nutrition information it is best to be wary of the ‘facts’ you discover unless they are based on scientific information from a reputable source.  With our new section Comparison of diets we review in vogue diets including Keto diet, Sirtfood diet and Detox diet to investigate the evidence behind them or lack thereof. These diets often have rules regarding what you should and should not eat, as well as when is the best time to eat. Usually endorsed by a number of celebrities or an online doctor, these diets promise weight loss and often a newfound lease on life. In our review we set out to determine where the truth lies.

The most recent feature to be added to our website are podcasts called Food Bites. These 5-minute podcasts are presented by Sam and Shona – student dietitians. The first podcast is “All things Natural’ – what does it mean, benefits to our health of natural products, natural versus organic and what food products can claim to be ‘natural’. In the second podcast “Food Additives”, Sam and Shona discuss what additives are, how can they be used, how do we know if they are present in a food and are they safe to eat.

If you would like to support the work we do and receive our newsletters for up to date nutrition information we have different membership options available. There is an Individual Membership or Free Subscriber option and for those students studying nutrition at tertiary level in New Zealand we do offer free membership to nutrition students.

If you have any questions about information on the website or would like to ask us a nutrition question please feel free to contact us.