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JUST COOK is a programme developed by the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation to help deliver the message and show families that home-cooked meals can be cheap, quick and enjoyed by the whole family.

As our lives get busier and increase in pressure on the food budget, families may struggle to eat healthy home-cooked meals.

Families may struggle for ideas and are keen to try something new, but only if they knew these new recipe ideas or food wouldn't be wasted. In other words, would the kids eat it?

How is Just Cook changing New Zealand families relationship with food?

  • Tika Tunu¬†is a practical, fun, interactive programme that focuses on making healthy, affordable food choices, improving skills, motivation and confidence in family cooking.
  • JUST COOK 4 Healthy Ageing is a four-week programme aimed at building cooking skills, food and nutrition confidence and addressing social isolation among older people.
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