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JUST COOK is a programme developed by the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation to help deliver the message and show families that home cooked meals can be cheap, quick and enjoyed by the whole family.

As our lives get busier and increase in pressure on the food budget, families may struggle to eat healthy home cooked meals.

Families may struggle for ideas and keen to try something new, but only if they knew these new recipe ideas or food wouldn't be wasted. In other words, would the kids eat it?

How is Just Cook changing New Zealand families relationship with food?

  • Making it fun for youth to cook by running the 'Create a Family Meal' challenge.
  • My Food My Future is an Interactive Teaching Module designed for the Science Curriculum for Years 7-11. An application and web based research tools are used as a fun and engaging way for students to explore food choices, budgeting and shopping for meals. This resource was completed in partnership with The University of Auckland ‘s Liggins Institute and National Institute for Health Innovation (NIHI).
  • We support local communities through JUST COOK Community kits programme to to help support nutrition or cooking programmes events that promote and develophome cooking skills by providingresources (i.e. recipes, grocery voucher).
  • Tika Tunu is a practical, fun, interactive programme that focuses on making healthy, affordable food choices, improving skills, motivation and confidence and family participation in cooking. This programme can also provide a pathway to future development/ employment through offering Unit Standard 167 (Food Safety Certificate)
  • JUST COOK 4 Healthy Ageing is a four week programme aimed at building cooking skills, food and nutrition confidence and addressing social isolation among older people.

Community Kits

Cooking at home is healthier and cheaper than fast food, but it can be hard to know where to start.  

Through the JUST COOK Community Kits, we have been supporting programmes that help develop home cooking skills through local communities. We are especially interested in groups who run recurring events to create lasting change in the community.

In previous campaigns, we supported events organised by community health workers, sports clubs, schools or. In the past years, the community kit includes recipes and grocery voucher.

Create a Family Meal Challenge

Teens learning to cook a basic meal is a subject close to our hearts. The idea of the JUST COOK challenge is that teens who cook will eat more vegetables, will be better able to look after themselves when they leave home and are well positioned and have to skills to feed their families healthy, affordable meals in the future.


Tika Tunu

Tika Tunu is a practical skills programme which focuses on making healthy affordable food choices. The programme is fun and interactive, and provides exposure to new foods and ideas. Each Tika Tunu session also includes discussion around key nutrition information, planning meals, reading food labels and shopping on a budget


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