Our Programmes

An important part of the NZ Nutrition Foundation is to be involved in creating programmes that benefit the health and lifestyles of New Zealanders.

JUST COOK Tika Tunu Programme

As our lives get busier and there is pressure on the food budget, families may struggle to eat healthy home-cooked meals.

JUST COOK is a programme developed by the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation to show families that home-cooked meals can be cheap, quick and enjoyable.

The 4-session programme focuses on ways to make money go further, making healthy ingredient swaps to favourite recipes as well as introducing participants to new recipe ideas.

JUST COOK Healthy Ageing Programme

As we age our nutritional requirements, living situation and health changes.

Learn to plan and cook simple healthy meals for 1 or 2 people plus shopping tips, label reading and time-saving strategies. Ideal for those lacking practical cooking skills or who need a boost of confidence to cook for themselves.

Three-hour friendly and social classes held over four weeks. Includes morning tea and lunch.

Payment by donation. Look forward to having you join the classes.
Note: You need to be able to come to all four classes and stand for one hour while cooking


Learn about our JUST COOK for Healthy Ageing journey and the impact our programmes have made by reading these stories.

JUST COOK Recipe Book and Recipe Videos

The recipes from our JUST COOK Healthy Ageing and Tika Tuna programmes are developed with a combination of in season and staple ingredients while keeping good nutrition in mind. Most of these dishes serve 1 or 2 people.

Before you get start cooking have a read of our useful information on food preparation.


Last modified: March 25, 2022