Individual Meal Plan for Older Adults

During this time it’s important to look after ourselves. One way we can do this is with healthy, delicious meals to help us feel our best.

This resource –  Individual Meal Plan for Older Adults – is designed to meet your nutritional needs, in a tasty, convenient and affordable way. It includes dinner ideas and recipes, shopping lists for each week, food swaps, lunch and snack ideas and advice on food safety and wellbeing.

A healthy meal pattern includes breakfast (e.g. porridge, cereal or toast), lunch and dinner, as well as 2-3 snacks a day. Included is a selection of dinner ideas. These each make 2 serves so leftovers can be eaten on your night off cooking, lunch the next day or frozen for a later date. Equally, these can be used as a meal plan for two people- just be sure to add extra food for lunches and fruit to your shopping list.

Last modified: June 20, 2022