Food Industry Taskforce on Addressing Factors Contributing to Obesity

A Food Industry Taskforce was established at the request of, and with support from, the Minister of Health, the Hon Dr David Clark and the Minister for Food Safety, the Hon Damien O’Connor during June 2018. Bruce Robertson (Vegetables NZ) took on the role of Chair in early July. The Food Industry Taskforce is now working on five key areas to be in a position to report to the Ministers in December 2018. The five areas are:

1) Food and Beverage Formulation and Innovation

2) Employee Health and Wellness Programmes

3) Community and Education Initiatives

4) Food and Beverage Marketing

5) Labelling and Roll out of HSR.

The Groups have identified information they will want from companies and the requests have been made this month. The Food Industry Taskforce will analyse the information received, try to fill gaps and then prepare the report, actions and recommendations.

The Taskforce has already provided an update to Ministers in advance of an undertaking to update them at the end of August.

Last modified: January 19, 2022