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JUST COOK Community Kits and Challenge

2019 marks New Zealand Nutrition Foundation’s 9th year running JUST COOK. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our JUST COOK partners (Beef + Lamb New Zealand, Harraways, Wattie’s, Sanitarium, Countdown, Tegel, Nestle, I Love Eggs, George Weston Foods). JUST COOK would not be possible without your support.

Community Kits:

This year, 93 kits were delivered to communities across the country from Kaitaia to Invercargill. Estimated participants were around 2,500. Example of cooking and nutrition programmes workshops run by community health workers include

  • Workplace workshop for healthy eating
  • Youth groups learning to budget, buy, prepare and cook their meals using fresh ingredients
  • Workshop helping newly arrived refugee women learn about food in New Zealand and how to incorporate these foods in their cooking
  • New mums and toddlers making nutritious food
  • Winter cooking for older adult focusing on cooking health and nutritious meals at home
  • A centre running cooking programme to develop confidence and skills with cooking nutritious meals on a budget for members with low literacy and numeracy skills
  • Heart healthy eating and low-cost recipes

Results from the 2018 participant survey forms found that around 57% of participants cooked with new food / ingredients during their cooking programme:

  • 1/3 used new beans/legumes (chickpeas, tofu),
  • 22% used a new vegetable (e.g. lettuce, bok choy, cucumber) and
  • 11% new fruit and herbs and spices.

73% of these participants intend to continue using these new ingredients in their home cooking.

78% of participants intend to cook more after attending their cooking/nutrition programme.


Thank you to all who entered the JUST COOK Challenge this year. We are impressed by all the effort and time you put into your meals.

Congratulations to the JUST COOK Challenge winners:

Beef + Lamb Category - Emma Rimmer

Beef + Lamb NZ category: Dominic Mondia

Sanitarium Category - Ruby Lewin

Tegel Category - Dominic Mondia

Eggs Category - Tessa Honeyfield

Wattie's Draw

Poppy and Maddy

Maddie Drucker

Winson Lemafa

Santana Manawatu

Jai Keet

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