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Detox Diet

Surely after you complete this diet you’ll feel recharged and rejuvenated, maybe even with the added perk of losing a few kilos. So how can all of this be achieved in seven days? What sacrifices need to be made in order to rid the body from toxins?

The detox diet usually involves removing all grains, alcohol, milk and sugar from your diet.

So, what is there left to eat?

This varies depending on what detox diet you follow; some allow all fruit and vegetables to be consumed ideally uncooked, nuts and seeds as long as they are raw, and some even allow you to consume red meat and chicken as long as it is a lean cut, skin free, and limited to twice a week. This detox diet is generous in what you can eat compared to other more radical diets such as the lemon detox diet where you are only allowed to consume their lemon detox drink all day everyday for SEVEN days!


  • None, if you are on the lemon detox diet.
  • A high intake of fruit, vegetables, and unprocessed foods if on the less restrictive Detox diet.


  • There is an emphasis on restricting foods and food groups.
  • Diet is not maintainable long term.
  • Lack of clinical evidence showing any benefits of the diet, or evidence that the diet can detoxify organs.

From this list it is clear that the lemon detox diet at least should not be tried. The less restrictive version does however increase your consumption of fruit, vegetables and unprocessed foods, however you do not need to follow a detox diet plan to achieve this. Incorporating fresh foods, fruit and vegetables into your diet can be achieved in a maintainable and enjoyable way. If you do not know where to start, rather than turning to a fad diet check out the Nutrition Foundation website where we provide awesome recipes and tips on how to create healthy, and balanced meals.

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