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Whole Genome Sequencing in Public Health and Food Safety Practice

31 October 2019

Flax and Fern Room, Massey University, Entrance A, Wallace Street, Mount Cook, Wellington, New Zealand

This Conference is organised by ILSI SEAR Australasia, the New Zealand Food Safety Science & Research Centre and CSIRO

Topics being covered:

  • What is Whole Genome Sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing? The scientific essentials of WGS/NGS and their application to food safety and public health
  • Applications and use in industry: Hear directly from industries’ experience including dairy, horticulture and seafood case studies; learn how WGS/NGS can build consumer confidence in your products/brands
  • Applications and use in public health: what is happening in New Zealand, Australia and the USA
  • The benefits, hurdles and risks: Data protection, Intellectual Property, and risk management issues
  • The regulatory perspectives: National, international and legal implications.

Who should attend and why?

  • Industry professionals (including scientific equipment suppliers) – to see how WGS and NGS is being used to support food safety and how regulators might use the technology
  • Science and academic community – to share current science status and inform the science community, industry and government about developments, what is available today and what are future developments
  • Government agencies, public health policy makers and officials – to understand the role WGS/NGS might play in compliance, improving food safety and protecting public health
  • Consumer focussed NGO’s – to gain insight into how consumer safety might be improved by these new technologies.

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