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Corporate Membership

The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation’s corporate membership is open to food companies and other businesses and organisations with an interest in food and nutrition who support our code of ethics, which includes being true to our mission, maintaining our independence and basing all recommendations on sound scientific evidence.

What we can offer:

  • Our staff are all dietitians or degree qualified nutritionists.
  • We have a range of expertise including;
    • Interpretation of scientific literature
    • Communication of food and nutrition messages
    • Food writing for consumer publications and websites
    • Programme development
  • Expert review of material
    • For scientific accuracy
    • We can identify emerging issues from our reading of the literature
    • Our Scientific Advisory Group is made up of leading academics from New Zealand Universities.  They are consulted frequently to ensure we are aware of emerging research and trends.  They can also provide an opinion where needed.
  • Corporate Member updates on topical issues
    • Each quarter we host a breakfast meeting in Auckland where members can hear an expert take on a current food or nutrition issue.
    • Recent sessions have included experts from a range of nutrition fields including Public Health, Academia and Industry.
  • White papers on topical issues - for example the role of carbohydrate in a healthy diet
  • Independent comment for media
  • Evidence based comment to support corporate activity
  • Literature reviews
  • Sharing your company events and news stories through our publications that are sent to our unique database of 400 dietitians, nutritionists, nutrition students, teachers, food technologists and food writers
  • Discounted registration fee for Foundation hosted events

Corporate Membership Expression of Interest

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