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Code of Ethics

1. Our goals

  • Provide up-to-date scientific and credible information on food, nutrition and health.
  • Co-ordinate and support the exchange of food and nutrition information between professional groups, food producers and Government agencies.
  • Advocate for the knowledge and practice of the principles of good nutrition, thereby promoting health and wellbeing to New Zealanders.
  • Develop and assist in the acquisition, dissemination and application of knowledge to promote informed, healthy and enjoyable food choices in New Zealand, including practical strategies for implementing this information.
  • Facilitate programmes to improve the health and wellbeing of certain high risk groups.
  • Support nutrition campaigns and organisations promoting well-researched nutritional messages.
  • Maintain active and reactive media communications.
  • Communicate with Government.

2. Our code

The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation (NZNF) maintains best business practice, by:

  • being financially accountable
  • being true to its mission
  • establishing and fostering a network of work-related partnerships
  • maintaining its independence
  • basing recommendations on scientific evidence.

The Foundation:

  • works with the food industry and other food and health-related organisations to provide scientific nutrition information, advice and comment, to assist them to provide food products and nutrition and health consumer information supporting the New Zealand Ministry of Health's Food and Nutrition Guidelines (NZNFG).
  • encourages and supports food industry-initiated innovations to provide consumer products with energy and nutrition profiles consistent with the NZFNG.
  • permits the food industry to acknowledge the NZNF as the source of generic advice or specific data, through an approved statement explaining the nature of the advice and/or data provided. Any approved acknowlegement may not be used to indicate the NZNF’s endorsement of any product.
  • may approve the use of its logo on generic information and material supporting a sponsored scientific meeting or educational activity and to support another non-government organisation (NGO), the Government or other organisations undertaking public services for public good.
  • may charge and receive financial compensation for the relevant costs of providing intellectual property and related services.

The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation does not:

  • label, identify or promote as ‘bad’ any food  that is consistent with and approved by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) and which meets the NZFNG.
  • use a NZNF logo or any NZNF-related information on any material related to a specific food product or information that may be interpreted as endorsement of a specific product.

A pdf version of our Ethics is attached. For more information contact