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Wattie’s for Baby® launches new First Tastes Veggie Colours range

Wattie’s are excited to launch the newest addition to the Wattie’s for Baby® family: First Tastes Veggie Colours products.

With 3 new tasty recipes containing a combination of veggies for the perfect texture and colour range: Orange Veggies, Green Veggies and Yellow Veggies. These recipes contain just vegetables and water which is added for cooking and to ensure the appropriate texture.

Especially created for babies 4-6+ months of age onwards. The simple ingredients in Wattie’s for Baby® First Tastes Veggie purées are a great option when starting solid foods.   The veggie pouches are also a great way to add a vegetable boost to older baby and toddler meals.

Wattie’s for Baby® First Tastes Veggie purées come in a new 90g pouch, a convenient smaller size reducing wastage when babies are first starting solids.   The First Tastes Veggie purées are made from carefully selected ingredients to meet high quality standards and steam cooked in the pouch. 

All the Wattie’s for Baby® recipes are approved by the Independent Nutrition Advisory Group, which includes Plunket. Wattie’s and Plunket have been working together to support kiwi babies for over 27 years.

If you have any questions or require further information about the Wattie’s for Baby® range, please contact Christine Weaver, Infant Nutritionist