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Opinion Piece: Calling BS on Progress Towards FS

FS, whether it means food security, food systems or food sustainability, our progress in these areas have been abysmal.

We are experiencing already the full scale, future shock and declining food stores.

COVID-19 has accelerated awareness of inequities, problems with supply chains and the need to feed everyone better. But are we doing anything but tinker at the edges? We have excellent guidelines for food parcels for food banks and guidelines for New Zealand people but there is a mismatch between the lists of foods and the diversity of foods we need and the way food is regarded by business and economics. Food is a necessity not a commodity – economic prosperity should not be the goal, well-nourished New Zealand people should be. Food is a right and also a responsibility. So we need a list of what we need to do so that we can feed New Zealand first!

Part of the reform our NZ food system needs is to ensure that all policies and actions from the land and producers to the table are part of a nutrition-sensitive value chain that meets the needs of the population and the planet. There are three links that I have found relevant to the FS considerations

Sustainable food value chains for nutrition

The British National Food Strategy

And feedback from the food summit from the World Obesity Society – idealism to realism

And the Mana Kai Initiative of the Aotearoa Circle has some potential, but they need input from all sectors. What can you do, in your circle, to help sort this out? Now!


Author: Elaine Rush, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Nutrition