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NZNF making a difference at Auckland Prison

We have recently completed our 8-week Tika Tunu programme which focused on building cooking skills, nutrition and health knowledge, motivation and confidence to cook for tāne participants

When asked about their key learnings from the programme the following statements were made:

“ better understanding, more confident in cooking, eating more veges- wellbeing is improving every day”
“ learning about portion sizes and that it is important to go and see your GP”
“ learning to read nutritional information”
“ learning which foods are cheap, healthy and delicious. When I leave here I have to be able to live on a strict budget”
“ Learning how to stay healthy and learning the key ingredients to long life living which I will pass on to family and friends”

When asked about if they will apply their learning when back home with family the following responses were made:

“ I will cook more often. I will add more greens and fruit. I will show my family how important healthy eating is"
“ get the family involved with cooking. I will pass my skills to my family
"Cook delicious me
als with my children often. I will cook for my family, even my hapu and cater for them with healthy alternatives rather than the usual”