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December 2017 NZNF Newsletter

In this the last newsletter for 2017, Sarah Hanrahan looks back at our achievements over the past year and looks forward to our plans for 2018. Our first Tika Tunu programme at Auckland Prison, Paremoremo, has come to end with a positive response from participiants. Their positive feedback highlighting how they felt they had valuable new knowledge and skills that could help their families live healthier lives and they were very proud of that. We look forward to more programmes at Auckland Prison in 2018. We are also working with a modified Tika Tunu programme in high needs communities in West Auckland. Our Just Cook 4 Healthy Ageing programme continues to expand with the introduction of our first Masterclass at the end of November and we look forward to our plans of launching Just Cook 4 Healthy Ageing outside Auckland in 2018.

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