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April 2019 Newsletter

This newsletter is coming hard on the heels of a session where our Board and staff gave serious consideration to our purpose. In the years since the Foundation was founded, there have been significant changes in health, in our environment and in the profile of food and nutrition as they relate to health.  How we receive and process information has changed and how we eat has changed. Obesity now outstrips smoking as a cause of morbidity and mortality. During this time we have gone from providing information and training to those offering advice to the public and large scale campaigns to delivering food and nutrition programmes to men in prison, older people and people (predominantly women) in vulnerable communities, creating website content and providing evidence based information in a world dominated by influencers and their opinions. One thing has remained consistent throughout our nearly 40 years and that is the value of working with our members, corporate and individual. We want to make a difference and these partnerships are critical to delivering meaningful programmes.  

Words that kept coming up as we thought about our work and our future were partnership, confident, skilled, practical, healthy. These words will underpin current and future programmes and work ensuring we stay relevant and impactful to those we work with.

- Sarah Hanrahan, CEO, NZNF